Online Ticket Payment

We are pleased to announce a new convenience for those who receive traffic citations. Traffic tickets can now be paid online quickly and easily. Defendants who are not contesting their violation can now pay their fines with a credit or debit card online.

The online process is very easy and takes just a couple of steps. Using the service requires having your citation in hand and completing the required information such as the driver’s license number, the citation number, and the amount of the fine. The fine amounts are listed on the site or call the Court at 318-329-2580 to confirm fine amounts, warrant amounts and other costs. The next step requires completing contact information such as address, telephone number and email address in order to receive a receipt and confirmation number. The process takes just a couple of minutes and only four clicks to complete the payment.

The court is notified as soon as the payment is made. recommends printing a copy of the receipt and keeping it in the glove compartment of the car to have proof of payment. has been serving Courts in Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado and Oklahoma for over ten years. Located in Dallas Texas, the company was developed by a college student who received citations while travelling to school. He wanted to pay his tickets online but no service was available. Now he is serving college students and many others who prefer the ease of paying on the Internet or via telephone rather than going to the Court.

**Important message before paying your ticket online

Some traffic citations are not payable out of court and you must appear in court at the time and date that is described on your ticket.

Below is a list of citations that are NOT payable out of court, including but not limited to:

Traffic Violations
Drag Racing
Driving Under Suspension/Revocation
Driving with no Driver's License (none issued)
Hit and Run
Leaving the Scene of an Accident
No Liability Insurance
Speeding in Excess of 35 MPH above posted speed

Misdemeanor Violations
Attempted Possession of Marijuana
Attempted Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Attempted Theft
Theft of Utility Service
Disturbing the Peace (Fighting)
False Imprisonment
Illegal Carrying of a Weapon
Illegal Possession of Stolen Things
Negligent Injury
Noise Violations (4th Violation)
Open Container of Alcohol in Public (4th Violation)
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Simple Assault
Simple Battery
Simple Criminal Damage of Property

**This listing/schedule is not exclusive. Charges not appearing on the Monroe City Court Schedule of Waiver of Fines and Court Costs may not be paid out of Court. Please visit the Monroe City Court Clerk's Office should you desire to review the complete listing.

***Although this office has attempted to preserve the accuracy in this online version, all information described within the Monroe City Court website may not be accurate and the Monroe City Court or any of its employees will not be held responsible for any inaccuracies that may be encountered.

If you are not sure if your citation can be payed out of court, please contact or visit the Monroe City Court for further details regarding your citation at:

Monroe City Court
600 Calypso St.
Monroe, LA 71201

If you are ready to pay your ticket now, please click the following link: